English Product Design

Product design is one of trend. Unless you design and understand the trends, it will be as “likes or dislike” .
Design would not be as “likes or dislike” . Design may be ” good or bad” .
In other words, you must make things based on whether you can sell or not.
That is considered the basis of manufacturing.
Regardless of how good the design is, no matter how much the design award is taken, if the product can not be sold, it can not survive as a company, as a company.
I would be pleased I could held the way. . .

Shigeru Yoshida

Analysis by trend book and network to realize high angle research.

It is important to analyze and design trends of shapes, colors, materials and so on.
The design trend generally has MACRO TREND and MICRO TREND.
Is it a mainstream trend or a regional sudden trend? There are various trends as well.
What information is to be read and understood and how to design is the point of newness.
This is an example, but there are various trend information. In other words, information sources become point.
This essence creates the keyword "feel new".
Our company is promoting design work like this. This is the hint for sothing new!!!
Try to design that always feel new and beautiful efficiently. . .

Design trend analysis must be observed with secular change.
This increases accuracy. Also, it is not disappointing to make from one categories.
For example, such as only trust on Milano Salone's report.