“CMF Design Forum vol.1” 素材とデザインのマッチングフォーラム 第一弾

IID 世田谷ものづくり学校でセミナー開催いたします!

“CMF Design Forum vol.1” ものづくり交流会 第一弾
"CMF Design Forum vol.1" Manufacturing Information Exchange Party

近年、プロダクト製品開発における色彩、素材、表面処理が重要視されています。今回、これからのものづくりをテーマに素材や加工にデザイン性へ加えたものづくりをテーマにした交流会を開催いたします。デザイン関係者や加工、素材メーカーなど、幅広い方にむけて、将来の動向、最新トレンド情報、基礎知識から実践まで、ネットワーク構築を目的とした交流会を開催いたします。セミナー、 展示、交流会形式で開催いたします。
In recent years, importance to build up from color, material and surface treatment for product development. This time, we will hold an exchange information seminar and party. The theme of “future manufacturing” as mass production method that added to new technology and trend issue and so on..
And also approching for “network solution, future production technology method, latest product trend information, basic knowledge for product development as well.
Participant may, many variety of occupations people will may participate, as “Designer, Engineer, Mass production maker, Trading company, and so on”.
Pls, join us and make some opportunity to create new business, as well!

前売りチケット お一人様 2700円 
当日チケット  お一人様 3000円

Very welcome for your participation!
Light meals will serve for the exchange meeting beginning at 18:00!
Advanced ticket issue for 2700yen (for each person), as following site
Common ticket issue for 3000 yen (for each person)

CMF Design Lab 主催:
CMF Design Lab Organized by:






Key for participant
· Person in charge of product design, responsible person
· Person in charge of material maker, responsible person
· Person in charge of processing maker, responsible person

You can learn this!
· CMF design trend
· New materials, new processing technology, software information
· Network expansion

1.  IID 世田谷ものづくり学校 開会のご挨拶
2. CMF Design lab :
3. 一般社団法人日本流行色協会/JAFCA
4. 長瀬産業株式会社:【染料、化学品、合成樹脂、機械、電子材料、化粧品、健康食品、医療機器等の輸出・輸入及び国内販売を行なう化学品専門商社.】
5.  石川樹脂工業株式会社(仮):成型メーカー
6. きびだんご株式会社:クラウドファンディング
7. クラレ株式会社:クラリーノ 人工皮革素材メーカー
8. 京セラ株式会社 宝飾応用商品事業部 : 加飾素材「人工宝石・京都オパール 」
9. 株式会社エフピー・ワン・コンサルティング(仮):ものづくり補助金と資金調達について
10. 株式会社富士通ゼネラル(仮):事業紹介
11. 日本デザイン事業協同組合(仮):事業紹介

Content of the seminar
13: 00 ~
1. IID Setagaya Manufacturing School Opening statement
2. CMF Design lab: " Sony Development method , Front Line of Manufacturing"
"Introduction of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale, France"
3. The Japan Fashionable Color Association / JAFCA
4. Nagase Sangyo Co., Ltd.: a compound trading company focusing on chemical products and pharmaceuticals business
5. Ishikawa Resin Industry Co., Ltd. (Tentative): Molding manufacturer
6. Kibidogo Co., Ltd.: Crowd Funding
7. Kuraray Co., Ltd.: Clarino artificial leather material manufacturer
8. Kyocera Corporation Jewelry & Allication Products Division: Decorative Material "Synthetic Gemstones" & "Kyoto Opal"
9. FP One Consulting (Tentative): On Monozukuri Grant and Financing
10. Fujitsu General (Tentative): Business Introduction
11. Japan Design Business Cooperative Association (Tentative): Business Introduction
(※ The contents of the seminar may be changed according to circumstances There is also a possibility that the number of exhibitors will increase.)
18: 00-20: 00
Exchange meeting (snacks are available)
CMF Design lab: "2018 CES Summary: Product Trend Information"

Presentation performance will all Japanese

連絡先: info@cmfdesignlab.com 吉田まで

場所:IID 世田谷ものづくり学校
住所 〒154-0001 東京都世田谷区池尻 2-4-5
TEL 03-5481-9011
東急田園都市線 池尻大橋駅: 徒歩約10分
        三軒茶屋駅: 約15分

info@cmfdesignlab.com Yoshida

Venue Access
Place: IID Setagaya monozukuri school
Address 2-4-5 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, 154-0001 Tokyo
Tokyu Denentoshi Line Ikejiri ohashi Station: about 10 minutes on foot
Ikejiri ohashi Station is from Shibuya ST, locating next ST from Shibuya ST