Industrial Design : Vehicles, Furniture, Home Appliances, Electronic Equipment, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Infrastructure, Architecture, Medical Service, Various Services, etc.

November 2016 -CMF Design labfounded.Industrial designer. Design proposal use new method. Contentsnew material, processing technology, trend research, using highly accurate visual, keyword, image sharing, design proposal will issue.
Also, the other hand,Produce seminars for designers, material maker, production company,either... established CMF Design Library also.

November 2007-SONYCreative Center. CMF Design Team. Senior Designer. Mainly engaged in product development for new material or new method used. VAIO, Walkman, BRAVIA, Cybershot, α, which forcast forCMF design developed. New product development, new business, product road map, strategy analysis, sales support, produce a lot of products was also produced...

April 2001-SamsungJapan Design Center. Product Designer, CMF Designer, Section Manager. Designed forPC, Digital Video Camera, Tablet PC, Refrigerator, DVD Player, Mobile Phone, Product Design and CMF Research was incharged. As this movement achieved for many Good Design Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award Award...

December 1997 -IBMJapan Design Center. Product Designer.Designed for Thinkpad, Watchpad, Mobile Products, Exhibition Design, Advanced Design, Universal Design,also.Achieved formany Design award such as Good Design Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award Winner a

After graduating for the U.S Design School, IBM, SAMSUNG, SONY, in-house design, independent. At SONY contributed as a senior designer for the CMF design team, produced numerous products. (※ CMF Design stands for Color Material finish design, as product development).


Company name:CMF Design Lab
Representative:Shigeru Yoshida
Head Office Location :3-23-8 Soshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0072
TEL :0901-459-8669

Member of the Japan Industrial Designers Association.